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doc. / exp. film

Croatia, 2005, black and white, 7 minutes, DVCAM

director: Irena Skoric
screenplay: Irena Skoric
camera: Irena Skoric (+archive)
editing: Vinko Kovacic

A worker travels all the time. Home - train - tram - workplace - tram - train - home. Every day the monotony of movements repeats itself. The past and the present are overlapping. This avant - garde documentary film investigates the relation between hard human labour and human alienation through decades. Nothing changes....

In video Milano, Milano, Italy 2007
Cinerail International Festival Train & Metro on Film, Paris, France, 2007
Dokma Film Festival, Maribor, Slovenia, 2006
Black and white festival, Porto, Portugal, 2006
Croatian Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2005
Kvarner Film Festival, Rijeka, Croatia, - 2nd prize, 2005
Dugo Selo Film Festival, Dugo Selo, Croatia, 2005
Libertas Film Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2006
Liburnia Film Festival, Icici, Croatia, 2006
Madrid Experimental Cinema Week, Madrid, Spain, Croatian programme, 2006