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Fire, water, flour

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Fire, water, flour

2005, documentary, DV, colour, 15 minutes

Director: Irena Skoric
Screenplay: Irena Skoric
Camera: Vinko Kovacic
Editing: Vinko Kovacic


In this documentary cooking the loaves in centuries-old oven with a lot of people participating is not just a simple action but something far beyond that.  The artists, professors, musicians, arhitects and students all put their normal lives aside and give themselves to the magic of seaside life.

2005 Gastro film festival, Osijek, Croatia - 1st prize
2006 Eko film festival, Czech Republic
2007 European environmental and arts festival, Scotland - 1st prize
2007 Eco-etno-folk festival, Bucurest, Romania - special jury prize