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Screenplay for Ordinary Life

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Short fiction, 12 minutes
Artizana, Croatia, 2010, HD, color, stereo

Cast: Marinko Les, Hrvoje Keckes, Robert Ugrina, Jana Skrgulja i Masa Rehak

Screenwriter and director: Irena Skoric
Director of photography: Bojana Burnac
Camera: Darko Heric
Sound: Igor Segovic
Editing: Martin Semencic

Even after the worst events, accidents and losses that happen to man, people say, and it's the truth, that life "always goes on".  Coming to say goodbye to memories and mementos, the main character Horvat, for a moment totally erases and forgets the future which has already happened to him.

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The film was co-financed by Croatian audiovisual centre.