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Fisherman's Tale

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Fisherman's Tale


2004, 15 minutes / DV / Beta SP
Produced by:
Kino Klub Zagreb
Trg žrtava fašizma 14,

Screenwriter and director Irena Škorić
Cinematography by: Vinko Kovačić
Edited by: Vinko Kovačić

Kuzma Kovačić, Mate Grga Tomas, Jakov Krstulović, Barbara Kovačić, Ana Domančić, Vlado Krstulović, Jasminka Audi Tomas

Poetics of harmony and human love toward nature. The film shows daily rituals of the summer inhabitants of St. Klement, a small island without electricity or pluming, in the proximity of the island of Hvar. This documentary film tries to answer one simple human question - the relations between family and close friends and friendship between all genarations. Here, the fishing, cleaning the fish and cooking are not just a simple action but something far beyond that. The artists, professors, musicians, arhitects and students all put their normal lives aside and give themselves to the beauties of the Robinson Crusoe style of life...

2004 Gastro film festival, Osijek, Croatia - 1st prize
2004 Review of Croatian film video work, Osijek, Croatia - special jury award
2004 Sea film festival, Rijeka, Croatia - 2nd public award
2005 Tabor film festival, Veliki Tabor, Croatia
2005 International documentary film festival 'Kamera 300', Bitola, Macedonia
2005 Film festival 'Dugo Selo', Dugo Selo, Croatia
2005 The mediterranean festival of documentary films, Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2006 EKO film, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Dialektus film festival, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Eco-etno-folk festival, Bucurest, Romania
2007 European environmental and arts festival, Scotland