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Short fiction

CROATIA, 2010, HD, color, 14 minutes

Cast: Slaven Knezovic, Stjepan Peric, Asim Ugljen

Screenwriter and Director: Irena Skoric
Director of photography: Raul Brzic
Editing: Ina Kovacec
Sound: Davor Tatic, Milan Cekic
Producer: Ivana Simic, ADU

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Next to the largest city dump "Jakusevac" in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, lies a flea market which carries the same name, where the poor come to sell their miserable goods. This is not only the social bottom of Croatia, but also the final resting place of numerous products of ages past, of Socialism and Yugoslavia. One of the symbols of that country which was destroyed in war was the Zastava 101, a car built in the Serbian city of Kragujevac. Can an old car resurrect the legend of itself?

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