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Berislav S. The Trial

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Original title: Berislav S. PROCES
English title: Berislav S. The Trial

feature documentary, duration 73 min.
HRT (Croatian Television), 2010, beta, color

Screenwriter and director: Irena Skoric
Camera: Mario Britvic, Tom Kovacic
Editing: Zoltan Wagner

Berislav Sipus, famous Croatian conducter and composer, and one of the most preformed Croatian composers, has been seen through a prism of awarded young director Irena Skoric. In his student day he was an accompanist of the Croatian National Theatre ballet in Zagreb, after that a pedagogue, composer and music director in Milano Scala, art director of the Musical Biennale Zagreb, director of Zagreb philharmonics, art director of Cantus Ensemble, and these are just some of the thing he did in his rich carrier. Being neoromantic in his private as well in his professional life, for music he said it was truth and a game. The core of this documentary film is following the birth of a new composition, ballet The Trial, which was created using motives of Franz Kafka. He had his Premiere at the Musical Biennale in Croatian National Theatre. A process of artist's creation being intertwined with his personal life makes this documentary film special and interesting.