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F. Y.

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F. Y.

Documentary, duration 60 minutes
Croatia, 2007, HDV, color

Director and screenwriter: Irena Škorić
Cinematographer: Bojana Burnać
Tehnical support: Vito Turbić
Sound and music: Pere Ištvančić

Short  Content:
Authentic documentary in one take/shot. Without editing, faking, posing and similar things that nowadays documentaries are using. This is a story about real people in one time and place. What is really happening in one day in May when at first glance nothing new is happening? First May, international Labour Day, commemorates the historic struggle of working class in entire world, and aim to make more human and righteous relation toward workers. Main character of nowadays celebrations in Croatia has food meaning -it is important how many free portions of beans will be given away and the most important is who will be the one to give them away...

Dokma Maribor, Slovenia, 2007
Liburnia film festival, Croatia, 2007
Human rights film festival Zagreb 2009