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7 seX 7

7 seX 7

Full-length fiction film, 87 minutes
Croatia, 2011, HD / DCP, color - b/w

Screenwriter and Director: Irena Skoric

Cast: Ana Majhenic, Robert Kurbasa, Jelena Percin, Ivan Glowatzky, Frano Maskovic, Csilla Barath Bastaic, Marinko Les, Kristijan Ugrina, Asim Ugljen, Petra Tezak, Mia Biondic, Ivan Djuricic, Sara Stanic, Jure Radnic, Jelena Jokic, Mario Kovac

Director of photography: Darko Heric
Editing: Mislav Muretic
Music composer: Berislav Sipus
Sound designer: Ivica Drnic
Producer: Irena Skoric

Production: Artizana film

Logline: Seven single-frame erotic novellas; Five heterosexual and one female as well as one male homosexual couple in a sort of modern ''Decameron'' film.

Synopsis: Seven single-frame erotic novellas, are stories of a firm structure, in accordance with Aristotels' principle of the unity of time, place and action with a final reversal. Five heterosexual and one female as well as one male homosexual couple in a sort of modern "Decameron" film. The voice of the erotic is the voice of the indirect, hence none of the stories is about sex but about croquis of intriguing human relations which communicate erotic tension. These film narratives are impish, witty and bitter at the same time. Their structure, style and expression doesn't make them a mosaic, but rather a unique movie entity.

All of the seven film novellas have been filmed in one frame. Deliberately refraining from editing, I wanted to achieve a documentary quality, credibility, directness and honesty of events, where ellipses and accentuated camera work do not articulate the stories but the latter are rather being articulated only by their real, inner impulse and drive, i.e. the relations of the characters and the plot. The actors have not been arranged for the camera, the camera rather tries to follow the events as they come. Its free movement and natural imperfection of the composition add to the erotic suspense. The free playful engagement with something that reminds of cinéma vérité and Dogma arises from the inner structure of the film's stories and relations.